car accident

If you find yourself in a car accident, adhering to certain steps is crucial, whether or not you sense an immediate injury. Here is a list of common missteps individuals often take before consulting a lawyer.

  • Avoid Providing a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company:

While cooperating and providing a recorded or written statement may be required when dealing with a claim against your own insurance company, it is not obligatory when dealing with the other driver’s insurance.
Quick reactions in the aftermath of an accident can lead to exaggerated statements, which insurance companies might exploit to diminish the value of your claim.
Exaggeration may seem beneficial, but it can undermine your credibility, a vital factor in your case.
People often share excessive information, creating new avenues for inquiries that could harm their case.
Guessing or assuming details can lead to misinformation that might be detrimental to your case.

  • Recognize the Significance of Medical Follow-Up:

Delaying medical follow-up appointments can significantly harm your claim.
Adhering to your doctor’s advice, attending appointments promptly, and prioritizing your health is essential.

  • Provide Accurate and Comprehensive Descriptions of Injuries:

When detailing injuries, ensure you cover all affected body parts.
Disclose any prior injuries when asked by your doctor.
Refrain from Posting About the Accident on Social Media:

  • Sharing details about the accident or injuries on social media can provide defense lawyers or adjusters with ammunition.
  • Retain Control Over Your Medical Care:

Employers may suggest specific medical care, but you are not obligated to see a particular doctor.
It’s crucial to consult your primary care doctor for proper tests and referrals.

  • Understand the Repercussions of Insurance Payments for Medical Bills:

Payments made by health insurance or other policies often need to be reimbursed from any settlement.
Waiting until your injuries heal is advisable to assess the full extent of costs.

  • Avoid Settling Too Quickly:

Some injuries may take weeks or months to fully manifest, prompting some victims to settle hastily.
Settling prematurely can leave you unprepared for accumulating medical bills and other expenses. Allow your attorney the time to negotiate a comprehensive settlement or take your case to court if necessary.

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