Traffic Defense Lawyer / Criminal Traffic Defense Attorney

Attorney John Paul Marchan advises motorists who are facing criminal charges related to motor vehicle violations.

Not only does he help drivers know about their options for resolving speeding tickets and other violations, but he also represents drivers who are charged with misdemeanors and felonies related to

  • Drunk Driving
  • Hit-And-Run Accidents, and
  • Other Serious Traffic Violations.

Desde 2006, el abogado Marchan ha tratado con éxito los asuntos ante los jurados, los tribunales han desestimado los casos por completo y ha modificado los cargos de delitos graves a delitos menores o incluso confiscaciones civiles (solo multa).

¿Vale la pena luchar contra su multa de tráfico?

There are cases where insurance providers will not raise your premium if you are in an accident. But, if your case results in a conviction due to a traffic violation, you can lose your driver’s license, and your carrier may increase your premium or even cancel your coverage.

So, it is very important to fight the traffic ticket in court with an experienced traffic defense attorney! We can represent you in court for OWI/ DUI charges in

¿Podemos ganar su caso de tráfico?

Attorney Marchan will fight vigorously to beat your traffic ticket for speeding, or for any other traffic violation.

Oftentimes with representation in court, tickets can be amended so that they have no effect on your insurance rate and do not appear on your driving record.

In many cases, tickets that would increase your auto insurance rates or result in the loss of your operator’s license have been effectively fought.

Cada caso es único. Trabajamos con usted para evaluar y desarrollar su teoría y estrategia de defensa.

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