Life will seem hard right now if you are going through a divorce. You have many details to think about. Concentrating on five of them is a great place to begin because the rest often fall into place once you have these covered.

Living Arrangements

Some couples choose to live together until their divorce is final, but most live in separate places after deciding to get a divorce. Therefore, you and your spouse will need to determine if you will get a new home or if one of you will stay while the other moves out. Look at your lease agreement, if you have one, to determine if you will be paying a penalty for breaking the lease.


If you have children, their well-being should be your top priority. Therefore, you should work with your spouse to determine when each one will spend time with them. You will also need to determine how the children will be supported financially. It is often an excellent idea for the children to stay in their current home.


You and your spouse must compile a list of your assets and liabilities. Then, decide how you will handle each of them in the divorce. Unfortunately, some spouses try to hide their financial worth, so hiring a divorce attorney to help you with this process is often a great idea. You will want to look at your will, individual retirement account and other long-term documents.

Mental Health Care

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful things that you will do in your life. Therefore, it is often wise to seek counseling to help you emotionally. Family counseling can also be a great idea as children often struggle when their parents get a divorce.


If your spouse covers your health insurance, you must start making other arrangements. Implementing your plan may only be necessary once your divorce becomes final. You will also need to examine your car insurance to see what to do to remove your soon-to-be ex-spouse from your policy.

Going through a divorce is not easy, but working with a great divorce lawyer can help. Contact our office today to receive expert representation.

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