Yes. Child support orders can be changed in instances where there are material changes in circumstances for the supporting parent’s situation since the child support order was issued.  These changes can include, for example:

  • A substantial increase or decrease in income
  • Job loss
  • Unexpected expenses
  • Large medical expenses
  • A change in the time spent with a child or the children

Large and/or unexpected decreases in income is a reason to request changes to your child support order. To avoid the additional expense of a court-mandated change, you can ask the other party to agree to a payment deferral or a temporary reduction of the payments. If the party agrees, get the terms of the agreement in writing and sign and date the document.

If the request is denied by or won’t work with the other party, ask the court to modify the amount of the child support owed in the future, explaining the unavoidably large drop in your income that is unlikely to be made up soon. Explain why and how the modification would be fair. Most courts are actually sympathetic and receptive to making the necessary modifications to child support payments when you have experienced a a job loss or other financial setback.

Requesting a change in child support is preferably done on the advice of your lawyer. Paying a lawyer to help you with these modifications can pay for itself several times over by avoiding costly mistakes or complications with the other party.

Wisconsin Child Support

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