wisconsin gun laws

In Wisconsin, any adult over the age of 18 can conceal carry a firearm if it is not prohibited in the area. An individual must be 21 to purchase a firearm. If they buy it at a gun show, then no background check is required. If they buy it from a dealer, then a background check and identification are required. Regardless, there a person does not have to have a license to purchase a gun in Wisconsin.

Visitors to Wisconsin

People with a license to carry in any other state can conceal carry in Wisconsin.

Places Where Concealed Carry is Not Allowed

• Law enforcement offices
• Prison or jail
• Most mental health facilities
• Courthouses
• In-session courtrooms
• Certain areas of airports
• Areas designated by employers where employees cannot carry
• Post offices
• School grounds unless picking or dropping off a student
• Federal properties outside of national forests

Who is Prohibited From Owning a Firearm in Wisconsin

• People using illegal drugs
• Any person convicted of a felony crime in Wisconsin or a crime in another state that would be a felony in Wisconsin
• Any person who has attended alcohol rehabilitation
• Any juvenile who has committed a crime that would be a felony if tried as an adult
• Any person found not guilty because of mental health of a crime that would typically be a felony
• People with a harassment or domestic violence order against them

Youth Gun Laws

Individuals between the ages of 14 and 16 may process a firearm if they have taken a hunter safety course. A parent or guardian or their appointed representative must be with a child between the ages of 12 and 14 for them to carry a firearm after they have completed a hunter’s safety course. While a child under 12 can take the course, they must wait until they are 12 to process a gun. These guns are only to be used for target practice and hunting.

Red Flag Laws

The Wisconsin Congress adjourned before the United States Congress, and President Biden passed the law that incentivizes states to adopt regulations with stricter gun controls. Therefore, action may come the next time that lawmakers meet.


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