Being guilty of a first offense OWI charge in Wisconsin often means:

• A fine between $150 to $300 in addition to significant surcharges and court costs
• Suspension of your driver’s license from 6 to 9 months
• A mandatory alcohol and drug assessment
• If over a certain blood alcohol content level, an ignition interlock device may be required on your vehicle
• Higher auto insurance rates for years to come & being labeled a high-risk driver with a requirement of SR-22 insurance for at least 3 years.
• The need for an occupational license to drive to and from work if you are eligible
• A $200 license reinstatement fee when reapplying for a drivers license or occupational license
• All of these fines can double in amount if there was anyone in the vehicle with you under 16 years old

First offense OWI can stay on your driving record forever. Rarely, if ever, can this be expunged in Wisconsin. It’s a smart move to hire an experienced attorney to fight your charges and try and get them dismissed or reduced before your conviction. Contrary to common belief is that the cost of the lawyer will be more than the offense itself. This is not true. Some estimates put the cost of an OWI of $30,000 or more during your life!

If you’ve been charged with OWI in Waukesha, Milwaukee, or anywhere in Southeast Wisconsin, get a hold of Attorney John Paul Marchan today to help you.


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